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Dark Horse Comics to bring Prometheus characters to Aliens comic books [THR]

More to come at San Diego Comic-Con 2013.


According to the source, Ridley Scott, who is still set to direct Prometheus 2 has apparently met many times with an English actor named Rik Barnett for an undisclosed role in Prometheus 2. The source adds that Rik’s potential role could be connected to Noomi Rapace’s character (Elizabeth Shaw).

Our source adds that until the script is finalized, anything is possible and nothing is final, but they do hint at the strong possibility that Rik Barnett will have some kind of role in Prometheus 2. The fact that Ridley is reportedly personally meeting with this actor on multiple occasions, suggests that his role will not be a minor one and with the hint that his role could relate to Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw adds further speculation!

The exclusive PROMETHEUS footage that was screened at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 now officially released online (not in HD though, this is best quality we could find)


Variations of Peter Weyland’s signature I worked on for Prometheus. Using graphology as a base, I tried to reverse engineer his signature as a highly intelligent and narcissistic dreamer with psychopathic tendencies.

I over exaggerated the upper zones with unique ascenders in all of the signatures; as displayed in the “d” and “W”. I also experimented with various amounts of embellishment in the cursive versions while maintaining a clear baseline, which is seen in the “y” and few of the “P” letterforms.


Do not know if real or fake, but see for yourselves.

UPDATE: Made with Celtx (free screenwriting software) - info matches with @antovolk's type-up transfer of The Dark Knight Rises screenplay.


N.B. prometheus2_leak.pdf is the file from getcharlie albeit renamed, and MagnusRexFINALFIXED.pdf is antovolk's TDKR transfer.

So, we think it’s fake. Simple as that.